Lakshmi Menon is a trained librarian with over 25 years of experience in academic libraries and development organizations. She has devised a classification system with a feminist perspective (The Akshara Handbook: an alternative classification and documentation system, Bombay: Akshara, 1995); and has helped appropriate information systems in India and abroad.

Her main filed of interest is information dissemination which she does through research and publications, which include: Pests at Home: a consumer guide to safer pest control (Penang: IOCU, 1993); Organising Strategies in Women's Health: an information and action handbook (Manila: ISIS International, 1994); Being Mother-friendly: a practical guide for working women and breastfeeding (Penang: WABA, 1996); Understanding Urbanisation: a sourcebook (Bombay/Kuala Lumpur: YUVA/AP2000-UNDP, 1998); Asia-Pacific Post-Beijing Implementation Monitor; 1999 (Kuala Lumpur: GAD-APDC 1999); Health; Assessing Gender Training: a report and handbook (Kuala Lumpur: GAD- APDC 2000); Healthy Documents: a sourcebook of important documents and instruments that impact on people’s health (Penang: WABA- People’s Health Assembly 2001).

Based in Mumbai, India, Lakshmi is actively involved in consumer, health and women's movements.

Chaz Maviyane-Davis, a Zimbabwe national. Whose poster is on the cover page entitled "The Earth, Our Mother" is presently Associate Professor of Design at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, USA and is among the worlds top 40 graphic artists.Chaz worked with Anwar Fazal on several public interest projects relating to health,environment and human rights.
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